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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Construction Interface SSTV / PSK / RTTY for Tablet (Android) by DD7LP.

Construction Interface SSTV / PSK / RTTY for Tablet (Android) by DD7LP.
Interface is excellent for all who value mobility.

Schematic diagram of the Interface.

The red and blue indicates the elements, which I mentioned to the interface work with the Samsung Galaxy Tab II and GoClever Elipso 71 and radio K-PO DX5000.

 Video from interface test.

Thank you for help  161AR150 :) 

Open Video to New Window

Software Test:
DroidSSTV , DroidPSK, DroidRTTY



Ready interfaces

Testing interface



  1. Good afternoon, I saw your blog and have been building an interface like yours, but I have had a lot of trouble finding the components here in Portugal
    Liked to ask how I saw it built several avender this and how can I buy, I have a 817-ft and a tablet galaxy lite tab3
    Thank you
    Luis Valadas
    email: valadas.luis @

  2. I sent a reply to the e-mail address.

    My email:

  3. Hello OM Wojtek.
    I have built this interface with the original PCB as well,
    but I could not get it to work proberly.

    When pushing Start TX button the radio goes to TX, but when pushing Stop TX the radio stays in TX
    and did not come back to RX.

    I noticed you have made changes to the schematic, don't know if this could be a solution for my problem.

    Do you have any ideas?

    73 Sigi

  4. I had the same problem, so I swapped the two capacitors (C5 and C6) in the circuit diagram for the smaller ones. With 100uF to 4.7uF. The smaller the capacitor, the faster interface switches to RX.

  5. Thank you Wojtek, you made my day.
    Experimented with 2.2uF also, this makes a huge improvement.
    73 de Sigi, DH1KLM

  6. Hello dear friends,
    does anyone know where to buy the interface and what's the price ??

    1. Did you find where to buy the PCB or KIT of the android interface?